Gemmell Awards 2018 Voting Now Open

This year’s Gemmell Awards are open for voting from now until March 30th! This is a very cool award that we’ve highlighted in the past on the podcast, and general voting is open to the public. Be sure to swing by their website and vote for your favorite! Over the past year we’ve had the privilege of interviewing the authors and discussing several of the titles nominated for this year’s various awards. We’ve centralized a few of those interviews in one place with links to Amazon and to each interview. For a complete archive of all past episodes you can swing by our Podbean site! Best of luck to all, be sure to follow us on Twitter @GrimdarkFiction to stay updated on who makes the short list!


THE LEGEND AWARD – The best overall fantasy title for the year via open vote.

Sebastien de CastellTyrant’s Throne, Book 4 of The Greatcoats

🎧 Listen to our interview with Sebastien!

Brian StaveleySkullsworn

🎧 Listen to our interview with Brian!


THE MORNINGSTAR AWARD – Also an open vote on the best debut fantasy of the year.

RJ BarkerAge of Assassins, Book 1 of The Wounded Kingdom

🎧 Listen to our interview with RJ!

Anna Smith-SparkThe Court of Broken Knives, Book 1 of The Empires of Dust

🎧 Listen to our interview wtih Anna Smith Spark!

Nicholas EamesKings of the Wyld, Book 1 of The Band

🎧 Listen to our interview with Nicholas!

Deborah A. WolfThe Dragon’s Legacy, Book 1 of The Dragon’s Legacy Saga

🎧 Listen to our interview with Deborah!

Ed McDonaldBlackwing, Book 1 of The Raven’s Mark

🎧 Listen to our interview with Ed!

Anna StephensGodblind, Book 1 of The Godblind Trilogy

🎧 Listen to our interview with Anna Stephens!



Welcome to The Grim Tidings


Welcome to the internet home of The Grim Tidings Podcast! Not only will we continue to grim up the podcast airwaves, but we’ll also be featuring new content here on this very website. If you’re new to The Grim Tidings Podcast, here are a few primers for you to get caught up with the epicosity.

Q. Who in the blue hell are you guys?

A. The Grim Tidings Podcast is hosted by Rob Matheny and Philip Overby, both life-long fans of speculative fiction and all things dark. We formed The Grim Tidings Podcast in 2015 and have interviewed some of the heaviest hitters in the genre including Joe Abercrombie, Steven Erikson, Kameron Hurley, Anthony Ryan, R.A. Salvatore, Raymond E. Feist and more. We also like to dig into the guts of the industry every so often by talking to literary agents such as Mark Gottlieb or acclaimed editors like Ellen Datlow. We have a mature rating because we like to use colorful language and that’s probably not stopping anytime soon.

Q. OK, so where are your episodes?

A. You can find them on iTunes, Stitcher, or Podbean, but we also have a direct link here to all of the current episodes.

Q. And will this website just sit here and rot now after this initial post?

A. Uh, hell no. We’re planning tons of content. Let me spill the grim beans below.

  • Text Interviews: In addition to our regular podcast episodes, we will also feature text interviews with some of the biggest names in fantasy, SF, and horror.
  • Grimspirations: We’ll be sharing how some of our guests have inspired us by highlighting our background, first time reading their work, etc. Getting teary-eyed just thinking about the memories.
  • Guest Posts: The site will also be open to guest posts from all sorts of people which opens the gates to infinite possibilities.
  • Reviews: Reviews of books, movies, games and any other media that gets The Grim Tidings Podcast seal of approval.
  • …and much more!

So keep an eye on this space for future content, links to episodes, and even some surprises!

You can find us at the following  places as well:

The Grim Tidings Podcast Facebook Page

Twitter: @grimdarkfiction

And the awesome community where we met on Facebook Grimdark Fiction Readers and Writers.