The Grim Tidings Podcast: Michael R. Fletcher and Anna Smith Spark

A grim conversation indeed! It can be listened to directly here!

We catch up with authors Michael R. Fletcher and Anna Smith-Spark (at the same time)! Writing the concluding novel in a fantasy trilogy is tough, Mike and Anna discuss the shared struggles of writing the perfect ending. We get a preview of their short stories both appearing in the Art of War anthology. We’ll get a final update on the Landfall Kickstarter project from last summer. We find out if there’s any “grief with Grimdark” and what troubles come from being an author trying to make a name in the subgenre. We dish on noblebright, readers hating on Grimdark at face value, and much more! Be advised, this episode contains explicit language (well because Michael R. Fletcher and Anna Smith-Spark are on it), *as well as some Game of Thrones spoilers*. You can vote for Anna’s book THE COURT OF BROKEN KNIVES now at! Find Michael online at, and find Anna online at

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