The Grim Tidings Podcast: Myke Cole

Listen to us geek out with Myke Cole here!

It’s a new episode of GTP, and we’re joined by Myke Cole, author of the new Grimdark novella THE ARMORED SAINT! Myke is well known for his military fantasy Shadow Ops series, as well as for having an epic beard and being rather jacked. We talk about the new Sacred Throne series (spoiler-free) and how Myke got hooked up with publishing. We chat about tackling the novella story length and how writing the main character of the new trilogy was so significant for Myke. Of course we dive into the finer points of the Grimdark subgenre and why he decided to take the plunge into darker fantasy, we nerd out on Myke’s extensive tabletop gaming background, and chat a bit about the role of physical fitness in the life of a writer and tips for finding a good balance for staying healthy (we mentioned Myke is jacked). And be sure to stay tuned for the end of the episode for another exciting (and jarring) round of the 30 Second Geek-Out! You can find Myke Cole online at, or on Twitter @MykeCole!


This episode is sponsored by:

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