The Grim Tidings Podcast: RJ Barker

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The British Invasion comes to an epic conclusion as we’re joined by R.J. Barker! During our expletive laden (not really) and completely serious (also not really) interview, we talk all about R.J.’s epic fantasy debut from Orbit Books titled AGE OF ASSASSINS! We discuss the appeal of assassins, what inspired R.J. to give the lead character a disability, musical influences in writing, antlers, taxidermy, badgers, and much, much … much more. We’ve also included a super cool reading from AGE OF ASSASSINS at the conclusion of the podcast as well! Find R.J. Barker online at, or on Twitter @dedbutdrmng!


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One comment on “The Grim Tidings Podcast: RJ Barker

  1. […] While R.J. was a blast to talk to, his novel Age of Assassins has obviously hit a chord with a lot of people as well. So much so that it’s the current Book of the Month Read-through for the Grimdark Fiction Readers and Writers Facebook group (5,000 plus members strong!) I’ve been listening on Audible and enjoying it quite a lot. I’ve always been intrigued by assassins and the opening of the novel hints at magic being involved in the world. I’m curious to see what happens and it’s definitely piqued my interest. And RJ is  a laugh riot to talk to (listen to our interview here) […]


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